Twine 2.0 Now Available for Developers and Storytellers Alike

Authors rejoice, Twine 2.0 is now available! The innovative choose-your-own-story app has made some improvements that allow writers and creators to widen their scope a bit with new features available in the 2.0 version. Twine is usable on tablets and computers, meaning on-the-go writing and development shed a few pounds since tablet owners can write without their laptop or netbook. Twine is a tool that makes interactive storytelling easy and painless for writers, and allows them to make browser pages that let readers click links in a story to decide which direction the story goes. Writers are presented with an easy-to-use interface that allows quick assembly of a story without typing out all that HTML involved.

Many indie developers have found success in the underground Twine scene, and there’s no reason to pass it up because it’s free on the website! It’s a great tool for writers and developers, as it can be used to conceptualize a storyline before putting it into production for a game or film. With a renewed interface and browser support, Twine 2.0 lays a cushion under the already well-built foundation creator Chris Klimas has put together. As indie developers are pushing to materialize new concepts and methods for presenting digital media, utilities like Twine offer a different approach that’s versatile in its functionality. Not only is the interface simple, but to get better acquainted with it, some indie devs have provided tutorials online to help out novice users.

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