Twin Souls: Path of Shadows Steps Out into the Light on Kickstarter

Lince Works’ current project, Twin Souls: Path of Shadows, is looking to be an engaging experience with solid gameplay, gorgeous aesthetics, and, most importantly, a unique approach to the stealth genre of video games. It also wishes to bring back the true purpose of stealth games, and not be an action game with stealth mechanics.

The game is set in a world where humans have learnt to wield the powers of the elements: Fire, water, air, earth, light, cdf305da8152da2911cae029434dba7f_large (1)darkness, and life. Learning the use of the elements is now a discipline where schools, temples, and academies have been built, and are centered on the mastery of each element. These academies are known as Brotherhoods and divided among three categories: Schools, Sect, and Guilds.

It is in this world with warring Brotherhoods that Aragami awakens and finds himself within, no memory of his past. As he travels about with his summoner, Yamiko, in hopes of freeing her from her imprisonment, he will uncover locations and objects that will slowly kick start his subconscious, revealing the memories hidden within him.

Twin Souls pits players against deadly foes where head-to-head combat is not an option, and instead forces players to rely upon the shadows – which empowers Aragami – and assassinate enemies while remaining unseen. Or, one can simply act as a ghost and leave all unharmed; there is no penalty tacked to either choice. Every scenario is presented as a playground and is designed for various approaches to surpass.

Shadow(1)With shadow powers at his control, Aragami can create shadows to up his tactical advantages, as well as teleport between two shadows with an ability known as ShadowLeap, summon a clone to confuse enemies, and even feed his foes to the shadows.

Twin Souls: Path of Shadows is a prestigious project that has already been Greenlit on Steam, but Lince Works still needs a bit more support to bring this amazing project to its fullest realization. It’s Kickstarter campaign is in full swing, and is soon approaching $15k, but has a goal of $70k. Any gamer interested in supporting the project should head over to the Kickstarter page, or can also help out by spreading the word.

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