TurretCraft Gets Creative with Tower Defense

The tower defense genre saw its baby steps in the 1990s, with Blizzard’s StarCraft and WarCraft modded maps picking up the torch a decade later. A small game development team has drawn on their experience from playing WarCraft games as they create TurretCraft.

Per tower defense tradition, TurretCraft tasks players with constructing a variety of defensive structures to defer a steady flow of minions from breaching their strongholds. A popular strategy in similar games is to place armaments in a maze-like structure to force the enemies to walk around them, maximizing damage. While that’s often seen toward the end of a session, TurretCraft encourages players to build an entire maze from the start. Currently, the game features 16 different turrets divided into four groups, and each tower is upgradable up to two times.


TurretCraft has a multiplayer component. Games can be set up to be three on three, two on two, or as a duel. While each player builds defenses on their own, they also call down units that attack the competing bases. Timing is crucial in deciding the right moment to strike. Furthermore, summoning and sending creeps and bosses brings profits. Gold can be used to upgrade defenses or the minions themselves.

The game has been in development for over eight months. It is currently on Steam Greenlight, asking for votes to begin distribution on the store. The release is planned shortly after enough users show interest.

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