Turn The Lights On, Second Trailer Released For Open-World Horror Game ‘The Forest’

Don’t let the opening of the trailer fool you, The Forest is going to be a dark, and brutal, game.

After crash landing into a mysterious forest, players must scramble to construct shelter if they are to survive the elements, and inhabitants, of the forest.

Currently in development for both the PC, The Forest is an open-world survival horror experience. SKS Games wants The Forest to be a completely immersive game, and are adding in things like Occulus Rift support, full vegetation life cycles, home/base building, weapon crafting mechanics, and ever-shifting weather, to engage the player.

The initial trailer shows off the direct aftermath of the plane crash, as well as a slightly longer look into the overall environment of the game.

The Forest was greenlit for Steam, back in June. The game is slated for a release, later this year.

The Forest1

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