Triptych Games’ Title: ‘Fuzzy Slaughter’ Seeks Funding

Fuzzy Slaughter

Triptych Games have recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for their first official game, Fuzzy Slaughter. The game is a 4-player co-op beat ’em up in which the player plays as any number of animals that have broken out of an evil corporation, known as “PITA”, who have an apparent belief that the cuter the animal, the better it tastes. Through the cute animals fighting back against the oppression of “PITA”, various evil animals have been summoned and are tasked with stopping any sort of easy life for our cute animal friends.

Fuzzy Slaughter has been designed as a modern take on the classic beat ’em up genre, adding various mechanics and gimmicks that seldom are unpopular amongst games of today, such as: environmental hazards, such as traps; loot to collect and various weapons to find and use. Alongside this, players are urged to experiment with gameplay through creating combos with various types of attack.

The controversy of the game is amusing, with the slaughtering of animals and the punning of a rather well known corporation, whether intended or not, it seems that alongside gameplay that looks fresh and appealing, there is also an element of humour, brave humour, and that is also very refreshing.

For more information on Triptych Games, they have an official site that should hopefully give you a little knowledge as to what they’ve been involved in. Those that wish to donate can supportĀ Fuzzy Slaughter on the Kickstarter page and follow them on Twitter.