‘Trine’ Devs, Frozenbyte, Show Off Footage Of Next Title, ‘Splot’

Today, Frozenbyte, the developers behind the Trine games, released a handful of media assets for their upcoming game, Splot.

In a news post on their official website, Frozenbyte said, “We haven’t posted any new screenshots, gameplay videos or basically anything Splot-related for a long long time now. The reason for this is that the gameplay and graphics have changed a lot during the development, and we didn’t want to post anything that wouldn’t be making it to the actual game. However, this approach is not fair on everyone who’s been waiting patiently for the game to get released, especially those of you who bought it from the Humble Bundle….Rest assured, the game is nearing completion. Sorry again for the long delay, we are working hard on Splot, and want it out just as badly!”

The post features four screenshots from within the game, as well as a video of a member of the Frozenbyte team, playing Splot on an iPad.

Splot is listed on the Frozenbyte website to have a 2013 release date, but no official word, beyond that mention.


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