Triangles become Squares in Triangulae

5Simple mobile games can sometimes be the most addictive. Such is the case for Triangulae, which has a simple style and concept, but challenging gameplay. Made by Ricardo Fonseca, the game started as a loving birthday gift to his wife that later became a full, polished game for the public.

Triangulae is about sliding triangles across the screen, aiming to make them fit into the grid and form squares. In classic mode, whenever a square is formed, the player scores and the square fades, leaving an empty space for new pieces. The player can only move the triangle to adjacent squares, as long as there’s no piece in its way. Also, this game mode features power ups to help or3 complicate the puzzle, and increasingly difficult levels.

Two other game modes are available: time and persistence. The first one is a time attack mode where the player gets the highest score they can in one minute, while in the second, unlike classic mode, squares won’t fade when they’re formed, and will serve as an obstacle in the grid.

The game is already available on iOS devices on the App Store at a price point of $1.99. A tabletop version of Triangulae is being planned by the developer, but has no release date yet. Until then, those interested in both versions can check the game’s official website for further updates.

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