Trench Run Turns Friendships into Explosive Multiplayer Shootouts

War has never been funnier, says Transhuman Design, and they intend to prove their statement with Trench Run. It’s an upcoming multiplayer game with a catch — there is no death.

Trench Run features a bombastic 32 player mode where soldiers dish out damage to each other with a variety of guns, rockets, and explosives. The unique mechanic in the game is that getting shot or otherwise mangled does not result in dying. When wounded, a character can crawl to a nearby medkit to get back to good health and keep on fighting, and death can only happen if they don’t make it in time. Trench Run offers a choice of five character classes, each behaving very differently on the battlefield. The Assault class is fairly straightforward, with one button to fire and another to throw a grenade. The Sniper acts a bit differently; pressing the fire button creates a reticle on the screen, letting him or her shoot anywhere. The Sniper’s second ability is camouflage, which allows for clever disguises as plants or even medkits.


Emergent gameplay will be a big contributor to Trench Run’s humor. Situations like a Sniper popping out of a medkit, an Engineer throwing crates on unsuspecting players, and other spontaneous, fast-paced attacks are created with laughter-inducing intentions. Another interesting mechanic is the planned truce phase, which will involve some type of socializing with other players.

The full version of the game is going to have a campaign mode, a cast of characters, five classes, and the 32 player battles. On April 28th, Transhuman Design will release a demo that features four player battles. Their website also has the option of pre-ordering the game for $9.99 (or an additional $3 for a friend code).

Getting on Steam will be the next step, though the studio is not sure yet whether Trench Run will be in the Early Access program or not. Their previous game, King Arthur’s Gold, has been available on Steam since November 2013.

Does Trench Run sound like your next party game? Sound off in the comments below and check back with IGM for more information on this multiplayer war game.

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