Travel Through Retro Stars in Pixl Escape: Space Flight

pixl escape

Pixl Escape: Space Flight puts players into an arcade challenge against infinite hordes of alien space ships. With quick reactions, aliens have to be dodged by tilting or tapping the screen. There are coins to be collected which can unlock new space crafts or change the appearance of enemy ships.

playingThe game is essentially competitive, with high scores achieved by travelling as far as possible. Players can share scores with their friends, or access leaderboards to see how they measure up. There are also achievements to unlock. The game can continue infinitely, but as difficulty continues to increase eventual defeat is inevitable.

Pixl Escape‘s look is classic arcade with pixel-art and an 8 bit soundtrack, a tribute on the behalf of Pixl Game Studios to the “Golden Age” of arcade games and its landmark titles. The game was a Platinum Nominee in BMA 2015 and is consistently updated to optimise the experience.

Pixl Escape: Space Flight is available now for Android and iOS. It’s free from the App Store and the Google Play Store, with some in app purchases. For more information, check out the Pixl Game Studios’ website. You can find the game on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or show your support by picking up a t-shirt.

  • Adriana

    This game is awesome! It is the best game to play on the toilet. It’s addicting and totally awesome!