Travel a Collapsing Frozen World in Topo – The Journey

2 Palitos has released Topo – The Journey, created by Brazilian developers Douglas Bello Junior and Liza Domingues. This is 2 Palitos’s first game for the general public, though the team has previously made one game for children.


Topo – The Journey is a platformer that sees a girl, dressed in red and set against a white landscape, make her way through an icy world that is falling apart underneath her. The game challenges its players’ reaction times, and presents them with puzzles to solve in order to enable progression. Players must react to an environment that is constantly transforming and shifting, threatening to collapse in on them at any time. If the girl doesn’t keep moving, she’ll vanish into a burst of color.

gif topo

The game is for iPad and iPhone and is free to play. 2 Palitos has previously developed iOS games and apps, also available on the iTunes Store. This includes Memomal, a well-reviewed brain training game for toddlers, and an app named Appick, which helps users make decisions. Across their output, 2 Palitos showcases minimalist design with a focus on color and sharp line art. Their creations are all either inexpensive or free.

Download Topo – The Journey for free from the App Store for iPad 2 and iPhone 5 and above. Check out the rest of 2 Palitos’ games here. For more information, check out their website.