Transform Single-Celled Organisms to Dinosaurs in Evolution Planet

Evolution Planet is a match-3 game developed by Play Wireless that features multiple levels, strategic gameplay, and colorful animated creatures. The game challenges players to attain a variety of different goals in each level using the limited number of creatures available. The more creatures left after completing the goals, the better the chances of reaching a higher score and earning a 3-star rating in that level.

FOrmUqekYzsM9BArYGYqp_93GEoJklz3JIy-J2bpUksEach level in Evolution Planet grants players about 30 or so creatures to place on a grid-map. Matching three of the same type of creature in a vertical or horizontal line, or even as a close group of three squares directly touching one another (no diagonals), fuses them into a creature of a higher tier of evolution. The initial single-celled organisms turn into squids, which then become frogs, dinosaurs, and then mammoths, respectively. Each fusion earns more points, and can also have an effect on items and other creatures on the map.

Enemies are the same kinds of creatures, but appear randomly and are colored black. They can be defeated by fusing or placing a creature of a higher evolutionary tier next to them, which can be helpful to clear paths for certain goals. These levels are spread out along different maps of continents. In the last level of these maps, players face off against boss monsters that require multiple, careful strikes to defeat efficiently.

Play Wireless has released Evolution Planet for free on iOS and Android devices, with in-app purchases available. For more information on this and future Play Wireless games, follow the team on Twitter or like the game on Facebook.

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