Traipse Over Your Own Corpses in Super Rude Bear Resurrection

In hardcore platformers a’la Super Meat Boy, players have racked up countless pixelated deaths on spikes and other contraptions. Super Rude Bear Resurrection seems no different at first look, but a unique respawn mechanic sets a different pace for this 2D game.

While there’s no shortage of bloody deaths and tough jumps in this platformer, dying has a different, special consequence. Every time the bear impales himself on the spikes or ends his existence some other way, the corpse remains and serves a useful purpose. For instance, a corpse left on spikes functions as a cushion, so dying once on a long passage of pointy spears makes it either much easier to pass, turning a once-impossible distance into something manageable. Even climbing walls can be much easier and faster if its littered with helpful Bear corpses, and the mangled remains can even be used as a shield against arrows.


The more the player dies, the easier a level gets, organically. This also presents a strategic choice, because many of the obstacles in the game have two ways of beating them: A faster, more skilled path, and a slower but much easier blood-stained one. Furthermore, there’s a sarcastic little fairy following the Bear, with quotes like “It’s almost like you’re trying to die,” and “Wow, you look rough.”

Super Rude Bear Resurrection is currently in development by Vorpal Games, and has already been shown at many conventions, such as Tokyo Game Show, EGX, and PAX East 2015. It also won first place at Ludum Dare 28 for innovation, and became selected for GameLab funding in association with Sony.

Check out Super Rude Bear Resurrection‘s website, which has helpful information for occasional streams the team does, and contact information for getting involved with the bloody platformer.

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