‘Trainz Simulator’ – Funding The Next-Gen Of Train Games

N3V Games has put their current offering to their Trainz series up on Kickstarter for some crowd-funding love.

Trainz has been a series since 2001, back when N3V Games went by the name, Auran. Their latest endeavor, Trainz Simulator: A New Era, promises to be better than any other iteration in the series. N3V Games plans to address their promises with their new T2 Engine.

Trainz side by side

The side-by-side comparison of the new E2 engine versus the engine used in Trainz Simulator 12 shows an astronomical upgrade.

Aside from the aesthetical improvements, the T2 engine boasts a massive physics overhaul. The new physics component gives players the ability to edit in-game physics on-the-fly.

“We’re going to make the product you’ve been waiting for, for twelve years,” said Tony Hilliam, Managing Director, in N3V Games’ Kickstarter video.

N3V Games are nearly halfway to their Kickstarter goal of $165,000.