Trailer Thursday, August 8th Results! Nine New Indie Game Trailers!


From now until the end of time, The Indie Game Mag will host Trailer Thursday, in which indie game developers (and fans) send in trailers, gameplay videos, or whatever they want, to us and we feature them in this weekly article!

This week, we have nine new trailers for readers to check out!


1.) Super Trench Attack
2.) Faeria
3.) Jetpack Jinx
4.) Mikey Hooks
5.) Rorschax
6.) MirrorMoon EP
7.) Risk of Rain
8.) Holey Moley
9.) Little Red Running Hood

 If you’re an independent developer (or just want to share a video!) email Tom at tom(at) with “Trailer Thursday” in the subject line. Or catch him on Twitter: @tomscott90

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  • Martin

    If you want to join a free stress test for Faëria, just ask here for keys!

  • Nici

    Beautiful looking game, Martin.