Trailer: ‘Linkies’ Launches On iOS, Realtime Updates


Developer Visual Dreams is releasing Linkies on iOS tomorrow, but this isn’t any other regular launch. Visual Dreams will release their game with all the downloads, revenue, and position on the US charts in real time on the official Linkies website.

The goal Visual Dreams is trying to achieve is to encourage more people to “release their sales figures and break the old secrecy cycle that is so strong in the game development industry.” said David Marquardt, Co-Founder/Artist of Visual Dreams. If you check out the Linkies website right now you are presented with a countdown clock with about 4 1/2 hours to go at the time of this post.

Linkies is a universal physics-based match-3 puzzle game that features intuitive draw controls, 90 levels across 5 chapters, Blitz mode for hours of fun, as well as Game Center support for achievements and leaderboards. The story revolves around an old rusty robot from the dark ages that has awaken and is spewing shapes of toxic waste into the world that belongs to the Linkies. Your goal is to help the Linkies clean up and restore their home to its former beauty, and I must say, the world does look pretty beautiful!

Be sure to check out the launch trailer for Linkies below as well as the gallery where you can get a glimpse of some high-res iPad screenshots. To keep up with Visual Dreams follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Don’t forget to pick up Linkies as it has already released in some countries and will be landing here in the states in just a few hours!