Trackword – A Challenge For Your Vocabulary


Pete Bouquet, solo dev at Crafted Byte, recently released his first game, titled Trackword, for Android devices. It’s a game designed for anyone seeking to practice and challenge their language skills. The developer promises easy gameplay rules, and controls that do not limit the challenge to each puzzle.

Trackword requires players to find a word using all 9 shuffled letters. In each puzzle, players simply tap and hold on a letter and move in any direction, drawing a line through each letter until they have found the hidden word. The game provides two different modes: A casual mode with no timed restrictions, and a timed mode that adds tension and tests a player’s ability to think fast.


The game has a difficulty setting that will change between using common words worth fewer points, and obscure words that provide a higher score. The game also incorporates hints in order to reveal the first or last letter, or to reshuffle the letters entirely.

Trackword is currently available for download on Google Play for free, and is intended to be versatile enough to challenge anyone’s language skills. Gamers can follow Pete Bouquet’s Twitter account to follow up on future games, or provide feedback that will help him with his next project.

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