Toy Robots With Violent Tendencies Are Great For Racing


Another brave developer has tackled the racing genre on mobile. Cohort Studios has brought us a robot-themed racer with an emphasis on punching that goes by the name of Cirkits: Toy Robot Racing. This innocent-sounding title puts you in control of a cute little toy robot before setting you loose on a roller coaster of a course and encouraging you to brutalize your competition with punches, body-checks, and a variety of weapons in order to ensure victory. Epic demolition of all who oppose you aside, the graphics and level design look impressive. You can see them at work in the trailer below:

Cirkits: Toy Robot Racing has several different modes, including a multiplayer that allows you to challenge your friends to a high-speed smackdown. You can also enter ghost mode and race against your own best time if you’re the type who likes to challenge yourself, or enter normal single-player if you really just want to play alone. However you end up playing, you’re sure to cause massive amounts of devastation to those unfortunate enough to cross you, just as anyone with a proper inner child would when handed a toy robot capable of pounding on other toy robots.

The best thing about Cirkits, though, is that it is absolutely free. So if brightly-colored scenery and high-speed carnage all for the low low price of free sounds your speed, you can head on over to iTunes to acquire this excellent new game for your iPad or iPhone. More information about the game and its developers can be found on Cirkits’ website, which is conveniently located here.

  • Gareth Jones

    Awesome game, well worth a download.

  • Mark Isaacson

    We wholeheartedly agree, Gareth.