Tower Slash Runs You Up the Wall

Although swiping a finger on a mobile screen is nowhere close to a sword slash, the feeling is nonetheless satisfying. There’s plenty of that Tower Slash, a casual pixel-art game that mixes it up with a few RPG mechanics.

towerdash1Instead of fighting his or her way through dungeons, one hero takes on the challenge of climbing the Everlasting Tower. Played in an endless-runner sort of style, the main action in Tower Slash is responding to prompts on the screen with appropriate directional swipes. There are other climbers on the screen to slay, but also hordes of incoming monsters, all requiring a specific strike. One mistake, however, and players restart from the bottom of the tower.

There’s a bit more to Tower Slash, however. From time to time, intense boss battles impede the hero’s progress, changing up the usually quick-pace of battles. Each one requires a special strategy, and the command prompts may be hidden with a question mark occasionally. Furthermore, a selection of classes varies up the gameplay. Each character come with a unique special ability, such as destroying two similar enemies in a row or weakening bosses.

Tower Slash was recently nominated for “Best Upcoming Game” at the International Mobile Game Awards 2015.

The iOS version of Tower Slash is already out, and the Android version is soon to follow. The game is free with some in-app purchases.

Check out the creator Joao Vasco’s website for some more information.



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