Tormentum Demo Gives a Taste of Grim Point-and-Click Gameplay

We recently covered an exciting new point-and-click adventure game, Tormentum, Dark Sorrow. Polish OhNoo Studios is close to finishing up their IndieGoGo campaign, and they need more support. Meanwhile, they released a free demo to give players a chance to venture into the fantastically grim, phenomenally drawn world.

Tormentum has you playing as an amnesiac who finds himself caged beneath a floating ship, with only a vague memory of a statue with human hands. Determined to find where that is as well as to uncover his own identity, the character is dropped off in the prison of a gothic, climatic castle. Thus, the adventure begins, inviting players to explore the gritty, awe-inspiring setting.


I thoroughly enjoyed the demo. It was about 15 minutes of gameplay starting from the beginning; the prison. After a rough conversation with the guard, with skeletal remains surrounding, I started clicking around for clues. The interactive elements are fairly obvious, as they’re often gently lit, but even so, I didn’t feel it was too easy (it’s still the very beginning of the game). The demo had me finding several pieces to assemble an angel statue. And already at the start, there were quite a few mechanical puzzles, which felt just right. After a bit of tinkering, I would solve them. This beginning foreshadows a good mix of dialogue, click-exploration, and active mini puzzles.


OhNoo has plans to make mobile ports for iOS and Android, and based on what I saw, Tormentum seems very-well suited for a touch screen game, as it features large, easy-to-click icons and elements. In the full game, the  player will visit three vastly different lands with 70 climatic, masterfully drawn locations.

Give it a go yourself from their campaign page, it’s definitely worth it. While you do, consider donating, since they have less than 13 days left on a fixed fund campaign. $9 nets a DRM-free copy of the title. Check back with us for more information on this exciting project.

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