Tinertia Offers Action-Packed Platforming Without a Jump Button

Section Studios just announced the release date for their game Tinertia, along with a new trailer to showcase one of the many levels that will be available. The game is a 2D platform adventure that utilizes 3D visuals, and a dynamic camera system to showcase the destructive encounters with obstacles and deadly foes. Similarly to Super Mario Galaxy, the camera shifts occur when the character takes any sharp turns in a level for a new perspective, or when something particularly exciting and explosive occurs during gameplay for a more dramatic view.


In Tinertia, players control Weldon and the powerful rocket arm that propels him over, around and through different obstacles. The controls promise to be simple to use, with no real jump button and movement based mostly on the rocket arm and the burst of momentum it provides. When used correctly, players will be able to make large leaps across gaps, defying gravity itself as Weldon makes his way through the levels. Players will also face some form of boss battles, dealing with machines that serve ARC, the controlling mechanical force oppressing the planet and keeping Weldon stranded on its surface.


Tinertia will release via Steam on September 3, preluding an eventual release for PS4 and Xbox One. For more information, follow the team on Twitter or “like” the game on Facebook.

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