Time Travelling Puzzle-Platformer Tick Tock Isle Is Out Now

It’s the year 20XX. Strike, a young horologist, is sent to repair a mysterious and abandoned clock tower before finding himself inadvertently transported to an island back in time. To get back to the future, he has to repair the time machine that he’s accidentally discovered, but he also must find a way to fix the island’s dysfunctional family, responsible for its disrepair.



This is Tick Tock Isle: an adventure puzzle platformer with elements of classic point-and-click, animated in a colourful and retro pixel style. The game also features original music and SFX from Kevin Carville. The story-driven game requires players to use character interaction and creative thinking to solve puzzles and work towards getting Strike back home.

Tick Tock Isle comes from Squiddershins, a studio who have made “weird games” since 2009. Tick Tock Isle follows Cat Poke, a game which used a similar format to help a young girl find and poke cats while stuck inside on a rainy day.


Tick Tock Isle is available for $2.99 USD on Steam for Windows PC. It is also available for download from, or try a free demo. For more information, check out the Squiddershins website, Facebook, or Twitter.  Be sure to check out musician Kevin Carville on Soundcloud.