Time Mage Winds Up For Adventure

BeachBall Games, a team of students working on their final University project, is currently developing Time Mage, a 3D puzzle-platformer that puts players in control of a living clock, the titular Time Mage.

The Time Mage has been tasked by Father Time with stopping The Timeless, an evil creature who wants to destroy all of space-time and has recently broken free from its inter-dimensional prison. Players have to travel all throughout the history of the universe in order to repair rifts in space-time. As they progress through the game and through time itself, their actions in the past will impact the future fate of the universe.

Time Mage screenshot

As the Time Mage, players will have a variety of time-based abilities at their disposal, which will allow them to both fight the minions of The Timeless, and navigate the bright world of the game. In order to get from a lower platform to a higher one, for example, players might age a tree so quickly that it grows upwards, allowing them to jump across it.

The game does not currently have a release date, but the developers have made a Windows PC Beta available for free. Those interested in learning more about the game can visit Time Mage’s Facebook, IndieDb page, or website. BeachBall Games also has a YouTube channel, where they have a video about the game’s development.

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