Time Glitch Jammers – Dinosaurs, Robots, Nanotech, and Time Travel?

Time Glitch Jammers is a game that promises to bring the amazing and twisted autobiographical tale of two indie game developers, Rob and Francis the dinosaur (some artistic liberties taken), to life. Currently being developed by Dinopunch, the game will start a Kickstarter campaign this coming Monday, September 15, and is scheduled to release in September of 2015.


Time Glitch Jammers is an action platforming game mixed with tower defense strategy elements. It will also feature hidden mini-games throughout the course of the strange and non-linear story. Players will control Francis the dinosaur as he moves around the level, eating enemies in order to project Rob as he continues to work on the video game of the future, which will also save the world. Francis will also receive upgrades by absorbing nanobots from eaten enemies. Players will need to fight well and plan ahead as they deal with strange and powerful creatures, incorporating a defensive strategy and then jumping right into the fray.


Time Glitch Jammers is expected to be released for PC and Mac. There is already a demo for the game that will be made available on their Kickstarter campaign this coming Monday. An extended demo on top of that will also be provided to backers of the campaign. To learn more, gamers are encouraged to visit the game’s website, or to follow @Dinopunch on Twitter.

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