Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous – Google Play Sees Dots on February 24th

Indie studio, One Man Left, is taking the Android market by storm for the first time since they began developing games in 2009. And, with a game called Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous being released on the 24th of February, there’s never been a better time to do so.

Tilt to Live 2, from the trailer alone, looks to deliver the fast-paced arcade action that the developers promise. The player will control a speedy triangle-like shape, similar to previous Tilt to Live titles, by tilting their mobile or tablet device, and in doing so, will attempt to avoid and destroy the dots chasing them down. There’ll be a lot of dots to deal with, too, so you’ll want to flee in the general direction of the many weird and wonderful weapon orbs.


This new instalment also brings an entirely new arsenal of weapons to use – including my initial favourite, due to its undeniable cool factor, the ‘electric mace’ – to bring a number of bosses to their dotty knees. If gamers find this too easy for their professional tilting talents, the option to switch from Classic Mode (normal difficulty) to Code Red (hard) is also there, meaning that high scores and achievements will be more than well-deserved, if you can get them.

Come the 24th of February, you’ll be seeing dots, so make sure to have to your Android devices nearby. There’s an onslaught of dots on the way, and you may be the only one fast enough to dodge and destroy them all.