Tile Engima Coming to Puzzle You on January 15th

Describing puzzle moves as “echoes” sounds counter-intuitive at first, yet the two-person team developing Tile Enigma may have struck a chord. The recently founded Pikaware studio plans to release the debut title on January 15th.

as_screenshot_2Tile Enigma balances out a brain-challenging experience with a meditative, minimalistic journey. A relaxed soundtrack encapsulates the mobile game, as flippable tiles are arranged in different compositions for each level. The goal is to align the tiles by flipping them onto the same colors, in rows or columns, which will strike a line through them, indicating that a “stripe” was collected.

Pikaware is also introducing a variety of options for solving the brain-teasing levels. A simple swipe initializes a sliding mechanic, pushing a tile over to an empty spot and turning it to the other side. Another mechanic is inverting, which, by using two fingers, flips an entire column or row to the reverse. The game encourages thinking ahead and being considerate of how one step can impact the rest of the puzzle. These methods are used to solve 100 levels of increasing difficulty, divided into five worlds. While puzzle enthusiasts are encouraged to optimize each level by solving in the fewest possible moves, it’s possible to add extra moves if one proves too difficult.

Starting later today, Tile Enigma comes out worldwide on the iTunes store. It will work with any iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that runs iOS 8.1 or newer. The first 40 levels are free to download, while the last three worlds come with a $1.99 price tag.

Make sure to check out Tile Enigma’s website for some additional information, and follow Pikaware’s Facebook and Twitter for updates on their future projects.

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