Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition Makes its Way to Consoles

Three Fourths Home, a visual short story, is heading to consoles. The critically-acclaimed narrative experience will soon be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita.

The game stars Kelly, a 20-something who, due to certain circumstances, has been forced to live in Nebraska. As she’s driving from her grandparents’ house toward her parents’, a storm catches her. Kelly’s mother calls her, and the player needs to divide their attention between the ongoing, branching conversation and driving the car. Three Fourths Home explores the troubling lives of Kelly’s family and touches on themes of disability, adulthood, and obligation to one’s family.


The character-focused visual story has nearly 800 different dialogue options. In the Extended Edition, there are some edits to the main story depending on what choices the player makes; there is also more content. Players can discover a new epilogue set in Minnesota, a music player featuring in-game tracks by Neutrino Effect, four new stories, and a photo viewer.


Development on the title began at the same time when writer and designer, Zach Sanford, had to move back to Nebraska, similarly to the fictional Kelly. Although the characters and specifics in Three Fourths Home are fictional, the themes and events reflect on some of the developers’ personal experiences.

Earlier this year, Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition appeared on Steam. In the US, the game releases October 9th on Xbox One, followed by the PlayStation 4 and Vita editions October 13 (Cross Buy is enabled). It retails for $4.99. The European versions are to follow later this month.

For more information, visit [bracket]games’ website and follow their Twitter for updates.

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