Three Fourths Home Available Now

[bracket]games recently released their latest title, one of stunning artistic visuals, and a narrative-focused experience that tells a story about life. The game is called Three Fourths Home, and it is available now for Windows and Mac.

The game is a short-story with gameplay that relies upon dialogue choices – nearly 500 in all – as the protagonist, Kelly, drives back home through a cornfield during a thunderstorm. The bulk of the narrative is an extended conversation that takes place between Kelly, her brother, and her parents. Conversation will include subjects that involve adulthood, loss, nostalgia, obligations of family members, and more. It’s a borderline eery look into the relationship of a family, and one that may ring familiar with some.

Three Fourths Home is available now for $3.99, including both versions, DRM free and can be purchased here. For more information on [bracket]games, or to check out their other titles and interesting projects, head over to their official website. For those that the prefer the Twitter side of things, be sure to give them a follow at @bracket_games

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