‘Thomas Was Alone’ Dev Leaves Bossa Studios


Bossa Studios (developer of award winning browser games like Monstermind and Merlin: The Game) has confirmed that their lead designer, Mike Bithell, left their team at the end of January to focus on his own projects.

Bithell commented, “A great deal of thanks needs to go to Bossa Studios, my now previous employer. They told me in my interview that I needed to continue with the [Thomas Was Alone] project while working there, they supported me through development, and gave advice and support throughout and after release…it’s going to be sad to step away…”

Speaking on his future plans, Bithell says, “Next Monday I’ll start a new Unity file, and see where it takes me. Thanks for the time and kindness you’ve given me so far in my adventures and fingers crossed you’ll be there to play the next thing.”


Henrique Olifiers, CEO of Bossa Studios added, “While I am sad to lose such a talented member of the team, I am extremely proud to see Mike go his own way. Creating Thomas in his spare time was an unbelievable achievement and I have every faith that this is just the beginning for him.”


Mike Bithell developed the concept of Thomas Was Alone in a personal 24-hour game jam while he was working at Blitz Games in October of 2010 while experimenting with the concept of friendship on an interactive space. The initial flash game was released on Kongregate but has since been removed so Bithell could expand on the games original concepts and make it into what it is today. You can read our review of Thomas Was Alone and see what Bithell does next by following him on Twitter.