This is Not a Test Checks your Apocalypse Scenario Readiness

Doomsday scenario. As scary as it is, creators frequent the topic to tickle the fantasies of apocalyptic, Earth-terminus times that bring out the worst and best in humanity. Now that can be lived vicariously on iOS devices thanks to a gritty comic-text adventure, This is Not a Test.

The game is essentially a “choose your own adventure,” but combined with RPG elements. As civilization is basically near its end, it’s up to you to survive with smart choices, which often means gunning down other human competition in the survival race. The comic is not afraid to get gritty and dark, and comic book fans will appreciate the detailed drawings by Jeff Edwards. The story isn’t overly drawn out, and the format keeps it compact and digestible on the go.

As for the RPG elements, This is Not a Test features an inventory system to include usable items as part of the narrative gameplay. Other than items, there are also skills chosen that can open up different paths in the story. Encountered NPCs can also be convinced to join up with you. Ultimately, it will be up to you to decide if you’re good or evil for whatever is left of society.

This is Not a Test has been up on the iTunes store for quite some time, but the creator kept on shaping up the story and taking reader suggestions into account. You can reach out on the website. Meanwhile, you can dive into the apocalyptic journey by downloading the game on iOS devices for $1.99.

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    I’m all over this, except for that everything these days has to have RPG elements…