Third Eye Crime Sneaking onto Steam

“Most of all, you gotta know what the other guy is gonna do next. That’s why I’m the best. Because I… I can read your mind.”

Games in the stealth genre usually require some kind of help: a radar, specific sounds, tech gadgets. But the one in Third Eye Crime hasn’t been seen before: the protagonist, Rothko, can read minds to help him predict enemies’ movements.


Created by Moonshot Games, who include triple-A developers with games like Halo on their resumes, this stealth game has been available on iOS, which we reviewed here a little while back. Today marks its Steam PC release. The main differences between the two versions are price and graphics, as this port will support high-resolutions setups and run for $4.99 without any in-app purchases.


This puzzle-stealth game features an appropriately sultry jazz soundtrack coupled with smooth, comic-like noir graphics. The main character is a thief with a unique ability: as he’s sneaking around the various stages, he’s able to predict the guards’ patrol paths in order to avoid them. More than that, though, as Rothko is able to misdirect the enemies in order to make the escape, once he has secured the precious goods. Third Eye Crime features three acts with eight environments that span a bountiful 120 levels.

Ready for your first heist? Sneak over to the Steam page to purchase it and check out the Third Eye Crime website for some more privy details.

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