These Are the New MMOs You Should Be Playing

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Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games are the best because you make new friends while fighting baddies. However, the same games can feel stale after a while. If you’re a gamer, the following MMOs are newish, and they’re worth checking out. You can take your gaming experience to the next level by joining thousands of others in these new and indie MMOs.

The Secret World

Visit to experience this modern-day MMO. It isn’t your average MMO. There’s no classes or levels and yet the play is immersive, but in an entirely new way. Of course, the best elements are still present (assault rifles, chaos and magic), but it’s the new elements that set this MMO apart from others.

Expect regular updates, and character progression unlike anything you’ve experienced. Ooh plus there are secret societies to join, familiar locations (such as Tokyo, but it’s different in many ways than real-life Tokyo), and dramatic storylines.

Realm Zero

Realm Zero is an independently developed MMO that allows players to control the evolution of the game itself and its surroundings. There are monsters to spawn, territory zones, in-game player housing, and resource nodes to help you along. Although you do have complete control over how your character progresses, nothing is permanent in Realm Zero.

The most interesting aspect of this title is that you can construct your own virtual residence, and because you’ll be playing online with others perhaps one of your neighbors will become a new friend.

Novus Inceptio

Developed by a man from the Czech Republic, it’s amazing that Novus Inceptio has become so popular. Typically games this popular were developed by teams of designers, but Novus Inceptio crushes that stereotype.

The game is a survival sandbox game, and the objective is to create and maintain shared values. It’s a mix of fantasy, sci-fi, and post-apocalyptic genres.

Project Dogmat

Project Dogmat is different than the others…Because it includes vampires. The game is a mix of modern gothic punk and horror; it’s a dark allusion to the real world, and its appearance and history are somewhat similar to our world. In Project Dogmat you will encounter vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and more fantastical creatures. If you’re familiar with World of Darkness, this is a title that will please you.

Gloria Victis

Gloria Victis has low-fantasy elements, and mixes mythologies from the near East and medieval Europe. It’s an action-based game that includes progression systems, deep background, action combat, a sandbox crafting system, PVP, and a housing system.

Savage Lands

Savage Lands is the game for players who enjoying exploring. In the game, your character explores a world full of cold nights and slaughtering enemies (creatures). You need to gather resources, build shelters, and craft the weapons you need for survival. The goal is to stay alive (kinda like Minecraft, but with more motivation).

Savage Lands includes the following features: Huge open world, custom built worlds, a robust crafting system, multiplayer gaming, and it can be played on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Steam OS.

Technological advancements continue to exceed expectations, which makes for better gaming. If you’re a MMO novice or veteran, these titles are new enough to catch your interest and keep it. Start with The Secret World, and play your way through all of these titles.

  • The Secret World is newish ? Hahaha.. Yeah, it’s a really good MMOG, but not newish.