There’s No Market Like The ‘Goblin Market’

Goblin Market

For you card game fanatics, Newtz Games has created Goblin Market, a card game for your Android device! Goblin Market is an intuitive card where players bid on auctions for anywhere between one and three cards. You score points for the top three suits you possess at the end of the game, and lose points for any others, so it’s important to be careful about what you bid on.

People who have already played Goblin Market have noted in their reviews how the computer’s AI is very intelligent, and it’s also been noted to be very easy to pick up and play on lunch breaks. Goblin Market uses Dektet cards, the details of it can be found here. Reviewers have praised Goblin Market’s use of the Dektet system,  which gives the game a very unique flair. However, one reviewer on Goblin Market’s Google Play page didn’t like the layout.

Goblin Market 2

Check out Newtz Games’ site here, and be sure to buy Goblin Market, which is available now for only $0.99 on Google Play!