There’s always a bigger fish in Feed and Grow: Fish

Feed and Grow Fish

Growing up with a fish tank in my house, I often sat and watched the fish swim around while musing about how life must be so easy as a fish: all your time spent swimming around the open waters of the ocean, or within the enclosed paradise of the fish tank. Well after spending some time with an early build of Feed and Grow: Fish by Old B1ood, I am certain that I was very wrong with my youthful assumptions. Also, as it turns out, I make for one lousy fish.

Feed and Grow: Fish puts players at the bottom of the food chain. Starting as a tiny fish players must feast on small critters like starfish in order to fill up their belly and evolve into a slightly bigger fish, who can now eat all the fish the size it previously was. Eat enough small fish and you become an even bigger fish, and so on. The objective of the game is to become the fish at the top of the food chain. If you have ever played the browser/mobile game, it is a very similar concept to that game.

I played an early single-player build of Feed and Grow: Fish and I enjoyed what I experienced of the game. Swimming through the game’s level (only one level was available in the build I played) was fun as each inch of the level was designed to provide plenty of shelter to lose predators in and plenty of places to sneak through and ambush unsuspecting prey. Though I was only playing a single-player mode, I could easily imagine how stressfully fun and frantic the level could get with multiple players zipping in and out of the underwater canyons and through the coral reefs, hunting one another down for a better chance at the top spot.

Feed and Grow Fish

Currently Feed and Grow: Fish is available on Steam Early Access for $8.99 (a 40% discount for the Early Access version). The current version features 2 maps, single-player and multiplayer modes, and ten different fish to play as. An in-browser Alpha version of the game can be played on Game Jolt, for free.

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