‘The Written World’ Dev Simon Fox Gives Gameplay Details


In January of 2012, Playlab London secured funding for their experimental storytelling game, The Written World. Their direction in developing such a game has shifted a bit as playtests revealed that certain mechanics needed to be taken out and others implemented. The layout has completely changed since we saw it last and the changes look like they will make The Written World a much more cohesive whole.


Last October, developer Simon Fox spoke about The Written World at Books in Browsers 2012 and was able to explain some of the strengths and weaknesses in video game storytelling versus written works and how The Written World embraces what it can from both worlds.

The Written World seems to fix that great problem that I’ve had with tabletop role-playing games and other story-centric games that boast player agency: In The Written World, the focus is the dialogue between the player/protagonist and the game master/god of the world rather than abstract mathematics that can become the focus of a bad session rather than the act of creativity itself. If Playlab London keeps up what we’ve seen thus far, The Written World is sure to be something special.


You can learn more about The Written World by visiting the official website.