The World Needs a Hero in The Prince Billy Bob

The Prince Billy Bob

Sometimes life kicks people while they’re down. But what if it’s actually just trying to point out a path that isn’t seen? Take Billy Bob, for instance, middle-aged and jobless. On one sunny day, the middle-aged Billy Bob is down on his luck; fooling around he puts a helmet on. This helmet, however, gets stuck to poor Billy Bob. It was then, Billy Bob realized what he had to do: become a hero.

The Prince Billy Bob is a 2D pixelated RPG from developer Maf. Players join Billy Bob on his new-found path to be a hero, exploring dungeons filled with monsters and boss battles while being treated to countless jokes from Billy Bob himself. The game features a simple battle system, players collect coins from defeated foes and use them to upgrade Billy Bob, all while they  watch him go to town on the monsters that inhabit the dungeons.


The Prince Billy Bob is out now on iOS via the App Store and Android via Google Play. The game is free to play but does offer in-app purchases. To learn more about the game, “like” the official Facebook page, and follow on Twitter. More information on the developer can be found by following on Twitter.

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