‘The Stomping Land’ Presents A DayZ-Like Experience, With Dinosaurs


A new funding campaign has popped up on Kickstarter for a game called The Stomping Land. Essentially, the game tasks players with surviving in a prehistoric setting. Players must kill dinosaurs to gather food, avoid being eaten by carnivores, and attempt to defend and supply their “tribe” with the necessaries in order for them to rise to the top of the server.

Alex Fundora is The Stomping Land’s director, and has worked on games like Skyrim and Dungeon Defenders in the past. Along with two other artists, the trio are taking a shot at their first indie game together. So far, the community approves. The campaign has already met its $20,000 goal, just two days in.

“This may be our first independently made game,” Fundora explains on the game’s Kickstarter page, “but the abundance of challenges that come with it are no new experience. All of us come from professional backgrounds, and the process of overcoming the inevitable challenges is just as rewarding as the end product.”

Fundora has some pretty interesting mechanics he’d like to put into The Stomping Land. One in particular allows the player to look up into the sky, and observe the constellations to be able to figure out where they are within the game. The brightest start would represent the player, and from there, they’d be able to look at the other stars and know their location.

The backer rewards for The Stomping Land’s campaign are pretty standard, as Kickstarter campaigns go: $15 gets a digital copy of the game; $55 gets beta access, a softcover “dinosaur survival guide”, and the game; $75 gets a signed hardcover survival guide, beta access, and a digital copy of the game.

The developers assembled a few stretch goals they are aiming towards, as well: at $75k they will be able to hire two part-time designers to regularly produce content; at $175k they will be able to invest in more advanced designs; and at $200k they would set The Stomping Land up with Oculus Rift support.

Check out The Stomping Land on Kickstarter, and visit the official website. Follow the game on Twitter.

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