‘The Splatters’ Sequel Coming To PC/Mac/Linux Later This Summer


SpikySnail Games has announced that Super Splatters, a follow-up to their previous 2012 Xbox Live game The Splatters, is launching in June for PC, Mac, and Linux. Super Splatters retains the core mechanics of the original game, “…but with a completely overhauled progression, much more variation and more finely tuned gameplay. There’s also a bunch of added features and a deeper look into the world behind those fame hungry Splatters,” SpikySnail Games explains in their developer’s blog.

In The Splatters, players were presented with various physics-based puzzle levels which needed to be solved. By flinging the gelatinous Splatters across the levels, players needed to string combos and abilities together to attain the highest possible score. To further motivate players to strive for the craziest combos, Splatter TV allows the player to record and share their Splatter-y stunts to other players around the globe. Make A Mess To Impress, is the tagline after all.

We reviewed The Splatters last year, and really enjoyed it. We praised the game’s controls, presentation, replayability, and overall satisfaction of stringing together large combinations, thanks to the Splatters splattering into globs of goop. While we did find issue with The Splatters offering no other gameplay modes or a multiplayer aspect, outside the leaderboards, that didn’t hurt our overall score that much: we awarded The Splatters with an 85%.

Thanks to the Indie Fund, The Splatters was able to make the transition onto the PC, in the form of Super Splatters.  Back in September of 2012, SpikySnail Games announced that the Indie Fund was supporting The Splatters.

Pre-ordering Super Splatters on the game’s official website saves buyers 30% off of the launch price.


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