The Solus Project Heading to PC and Xbox One Early 2016

GRIP Digital and Teotl Studios have recently revealed that their new adventure title, The Solus Project, is expected to release on Xbox One and PC early next year. Players are stranded on a deserted alien world and must try to survive in a fiercely oppressive environment. If players are to be successful, they must explore a barren alien civilization in an attempt to send a signal back to Earth, which is currently on the edge of annihilation. Although the game focuses heavily on themes of isolation, particular social features will allow players to share their various experiences and resources.


Part of the game’s challenge comes from the mystery of the seemingly-abandoned alien world. Players must navigate for supplies, but also to find out if they are truly alone in the wasteland. What dangers may lurk around the corner? What happened to destroy this civilization?

The Solus Project is a work of love for us. Two independent teams set out to build their dream game, with the goal of building a truly unique experience and with an ambition to match the visuals of AAA games,” says Jakub Mikyska, CEO of GRIP Digital. “We hope that the players will enjoy our atmospheric world full of mystery.”


The Solus Project is planned for a simultaneous release on GOG, Steam Early Access, and Xbox One’s Game Preview. The completed title will then be released in the second quarter of 2016. For more information, check out the game on Steam and GRIP Digital’s official website.