The Ship: Remasted Preview: Ghost Ship

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[Editor’s Note: Blazing Griffin has delayed the release of The Ship: Remasted to February 22nd to address some of the aspects discussed below. Primarily online multiplayer will be integrated into the Early Access release. Expect to see more on The Ship: Remasted from IGM in the future.]

This week sees The Ship: Remasted sailing onto Steam Early Access. The original The Ship is largely considered a cult classic and I see great potential in this remastering of the original game, however now is not the right time to buy the game.

The remastered game seems to have followed the ideas of the original, very closely recreating the world, only this time in a much more beautiful engine. The glaring issue right now is the game is lacking in well, game. The current build has only LAN capabilities and there is no AI yet encoded into the game making the gameplay elements very limited (realistically nonexistent).

It is so restricted that this just does feels like a tech demo and a way of telling the community that the developers are working on it and you can view how it looks, but realistically you won’t be playing the game properly until the developers put in more game elements. The Ship has always been a game that works well with large groups and because of that even if you have a few friends around for a LAN the core gameplay will still fall short, so unless you just want to help the developers finish development I would say wait until at least the online match-making component is brought into the game.

Currently the game feels empty and although the developers have clearly worked hard to bring in the mechanics and the maps I almost feels that they have tried to cover too broad a base at the start. Due to the way the game plays I feel it would have made a lot more sense for them to have just developed one map with AI and online matchmaking so people can actually play online together.

To give Blazing Griffin credit they have been rather transparent about all the issues with the game and do state that the game is currently only LAN on their Steam page but it makes me wonder why the developers would release a game in a state like this and is it a worrying indication of lack of funds? Blazing Griffin are planning into bring the online multiplayer component up as soon as possible, they even have a development road map on their site to highlight how development is going and what areas they are focused on.

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The Ship: Remasted looks beautiful, but the options menu is very limited. I would advise anyone wanting to get on-board this remaster to wait a while until the game becomes more playable before putting down the money. I have high hopes for The Ship: Remasted however this is Early Access and it is difficult to know what you are getting yourself into and because of this I advise caution.

The Ship: Remasted is currently on Steam early access for $20 and is currently LAN only. You can find out more on the official website.

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