The Sailor’s Dream – Go On a Dream Voyage.

Swedish developer, Simogo, presents The Sailor’s Dream – a philanthropic story, and melancholic tale, about the burning desires of three hearts united by a wonderful, but unmerciful ocean.

thesailorsdream_screen_07The Sailor’s Dream is a challenge-free experience, primarily focused on exploring a non-linear story through words, music, sounds and illustrations. Simogo assures that even with the lack of puzzles,  that doesn’t mean you won’t find playful things in the game. The team also states that the lack of challenge won’t hinder your want and need to touch, play, tinker, and explore The Sailor’s Dream. And it definitely doesn’t mean that it’ll be easily digested!

Put on your adventuring shoes, your sailor cap, and get your compass ready; You’ll be free to explore the ocean and the islands that inhabit it, completely at your own pace.

Simogo’s goal is to tell stories in video games using what would be considered an unconventional style, drawing inspiration from books, radio plays, and even musicals. They plan to create an experience leaving you with wonder, leaving the game open for discussion.

Players familiar with Simogo’s other works, such as Year Walk and DEVICE 6, will find that The Sailor’s Dream uses similar navigation mechanics, and the concept of the players piecing together a bigger story from smaller pieces.

To keep up with this and other Simogo projects, follow the team on Twitter and like them on Facebook. There is no official release date for The Sailor’s Dream as of yet, but it is set to be released on iOS in 2014.

Kurt Indovina is a writer and artist, with an unhealthy obsession for the graphic adventure genre. He spends his time finding games that are more or less out of the ordinary, and push the boundaries of what defines video games as a medium. His dreams and aspirations is to one day be an old woman. If you like your coffee black, the game Grim Fandango, or the show Twin Peaks, you'll get along just fine.