The Purring Quest is a Purr-fect Platformer

Dogs may be loyal, but cats give people the stoic, cold-shoulder judgment that they never knew they wanted. Now, players can take on the role of a feline Internet sensation, Kimchi, and dish out all of the purr-fect cat-itude. Players can interact with other famous cats and release the caged cats, all while supporting charity.

The Purring Quest is an adventure platformer from Valhalla Cats; each team member has at least one cat of their own. The goal for players is to rescue the caged cats and unmask the evil one. Kimchi is a famous cat on the Internet, and players must manage their fame and the rescuing of their fellow cats.


All of the cats in the game, excluding the main cat, Kimchi, are real cats. The caged cats, in particular, were from a contest that the team held so that people could get their cats in the game; all of the winners were cats with special needs: Snicker, who has no eyes, Abby and Daisy only have one eye each, Sheldon has Marx Syndrome, and Tonks is deaf.


Valhalla Cats is committed to helping out animals. A percentage of the profits from The Purring Quest will be donated directly to various animal welfare charities. The game includes a bunch of little secrets for players to find, ranging from posters of more real-life cats to gargoyles that are a bit more cat-like than they are the classic bat-goblins folks are used to.

The Purring Quest releases today, November 12, on Steam for PC. For more information about the game or the various charities that Valhalla Cats will be choosing, check out their website, follow them on Twitter, and “like” their page on Facebook.