The Order of Souls Launches, Promises a ‘Return to the Classics’ on Mobile

Looking for a fun and addictive RPG to sink your teeth into while on the train or durin your lunch hour? Take a look at The Order of Souls , developed by Silver Dice Games for iOS devices, available now as a free title on the App store.

Order of Souls 1

In The Order of Souls, you’ll be taken back and reminded what it means to play a classic RPG, from it’s customizable turn-based combat system, to its in depth storyline, it might just be the game that hardcore RPG fans have been looking for.

The game is set in an original universe influenced by both science fiction and fantasy where Silver Dice says, ‘mages hurl fireballs at plasma armour protected knights’. Accentuating this setting is a full orchestral sound track, as the team is striving to build a beautiful world you could lose yourself in for a few hours.

Order of Souls 3

You’ll be able to dive into this universe with four different archetype classes, eight subclasses, and dozens of abilities that will make the turn-based tactical combat all the more fun and customizable. Add in hundreds of different and challenging encounters, as well as competitive PvP tournaments with unique rewards, and there’s potential for a lot of lasting value.

The team behind Silver Dice Games aren’t new to the industry either, and with titles like Tomb Raider, Splinter Cell, and Rayman under their belt, they’re sporting a decade of experience in the AAA world that they hope to bring to the indie mobile market with The Order of Souls.

Order of Souls 2

As mentioned, the game is available now on the App store for free, and does have an in-game store for bonus packs and runes that will range in price from $3.99 to $4.99.

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