The Lost Pisces – Trading Seashell Bras for a Human Cause

As part of IGM’s continuing quest to bring attention to great Kickstarters as part of our Crowdfunding Initiative, we’re delighted to reintroduce The Lost Pisces to our audience. Readers may recall that we covered the game extensively in our April 2015 issue of The Indie Game Magazine, but with the Kickstarter finally ready for launch, it’s time to lift the curtain.


An imaginative re-telling of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little MermaidThe Lost Pisces tells the story of a creature in search of a soul. This extremely simplified synopsis doesn’t begin to touch the depths, both figurative and literal, promised to players of the emotional adventure. Instead of Artificial Intelligence, Sirenum Digital is striving to achieve Emotional Intelligence; Pisces, our lost soul, begins her existence as a machine, created in a world not too different from our own. Technological advances have reached the point where thinking for herself is not enough – Pisces wants to feel, and exist among those who’ve created her, as an equal. The observation that humans engage in communication with each other is key to her enlightenment, and The Lost Pisces has an added feature that will help Pisces to do the same: Facial recognition of the player using Kinect cameras.


The ambitious project has a goal of $204,000 USD, and there are a number of great rewards for pledge tiers. As with our other supported Kickstarter campaigns, IGM is kicking in some rewards of our own. At the $40 tier and above, supporters will receive an entire year’s (12-issue) subscription to the Magazine in digital format, plus get a bonus 13th issue featuring Pisces as our Cover Story (the aforementioned April 2015 issue). The highest tier, at $9,950, gets up to 50 backers a custom arcade machine equipped with an “epic” PC rig and accompanying Kinect 2.0 capable of running The Lost Pisces at its maximum settings, complete with foam tentacles and coral reef base to accent the cabinet.

The Lost Pisces will be available to play on Windows PC (through Steam) and Xbox One through the Xbox Marketplace. Stretch goals include PS4 support, which will feature revamped gameplay to suit the Kinect-less console. For more information, screenshots, and a list of all of the rewards, you visit The Lost Pisces Kickstarter now. Follow the game on Twitter for more updates as they happen.

Bonnie is a streamer, gamer, and word nerd who enjoys puzzle and horror games, and getting entirely too excited about both genres. She's been writing professionally for 18 years, but IGM is her first foray into gaming news. Bonnie's life outside of IGM involves massive amounts of hair dye, sewing, and being a cat lady. Feel free to contact her on Twitter!