The Long Dark Shows its Bright Side

Back in October, a rare breed of game hit its Kickstarter goalThe Long Dark, a survival simulation set in the northern wilderness– the likes of which I had never seen before. The Long Dark puts players in a post-disaster (not apocalyptic, and with no zombies) world where all technologies cease to function. Early screenshots and gameplay videos showed a brooding, haunting world with only a sliver of hope; shots of the setting sun and dark nights where the sky featured the glimmer of the Northern Lights. For some reason, I thought the sun was never going to come back up.

Boy, was I wrong.

Hinterland Games has released a brand new batch of screenshots for The Long Dark, giving an update on their artistic vision and the aesthetic of the game’s world. The new screens immediately bring to mind the beautiful array of colors in Canadian landscape paintings, and show a side of The Long Dark that feels just a little bit more friendly. Perhaps, it won’t be dark for so long.

Check out the new screens in all their glory below.

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