The Last Shore Seeks Kickstarter Backing

After her homeland and family is threatened by godlike forces, a young girl sets out across the ocean to restore world balance and return her world to its previous state. Inspired by games like The Legend of Zelda franchise, Shadow of the Colossus, and ProteusThe Last Shore is looking to capture fans of games that tell deep stories through gameplay, showing rather than telling. The game strives to tell a story with minimal hand-holding.

With an isometric view, players guide the young girl across land and sea in this adventure, and graphics have a retro-pixel vibe. There’s an emphasis on exploration across the vast game world. Instead of focusing on action throughout, The Last Shore brings gamers back to the atmosphere of titles such as Ico. Along the way, players acquire new weapons and abilities for assistance in battling small foes and massive bosses that lurk underwater and on dry land.

The Last Shore Gameplay

The Last Shore was on hand at PAX Prime this year, and was recently Greenlit by the Steam community. It is the first game from Pulpo Games, founded by industry veteran Andy Seavy. Seavy has worked as a game designer for Monolith, Sony Online, Griptonite, Loose Cannon and more. Most recently, he worked for PopCap Games on Plants vs. Zombies 2. The team over at Pulpo have launched a Kickstarter for their debut adventure PC game. For additional information, check out the official website.