The Lakeview Cabin Collection is Looking to Bring Horror and Humor to Steam

The door slams shut behind you, but you still hear the rumbling, roaring sound of the chainsaw revving just behind the feeble wooden barrier. Metal teeth bite into the door, gnawing at it as they chew their way into the room, throwing splinters in the air as you look around. The room is filled with the shredded chunks of something so horribly mangled it’s impossible to tell what it used to be any more. You look back, seeing the chainsaw has cut most of the way through the door, the killer’s insane laughter growing louder and louder.

“This reminds me of a puzzle!”

Hypnohustler’s The Lakeview Cabin Collection is an interesting horror oddity that’s working its way through Steam Greenlight. Taking tropes from several famous horror movies, the game tasks you with avoiding different slasher villains. Unlike most horror games, it doesn’t take itself very seriously. Using a lighthearted art style, the game injects some humor into the normally hyper-serious world of video game horror.


A lot of that humor comes from the gameplay, which centers around solving puzzling situations using the items the game gives you. The whole thing has a Scribblenauts vibe, where you can use unorthodox tools to solve the situation in front of you, but without the ability to write in those tools. (The murderous killers are something new, too. Not many of those in Scribblenauts.) With several playable characters and tons of objects lying around each of the different horror movie-themed levels, you can solve the game’s puzzles in different ways each time. Most of the fun will be finding some ridiculous way to get your characters out of the silly troubles they seem to keep finding themselves in.

If you feel like answering the call and helping some horny teenagers escape a mask-wearing lunatic, then give The Lakeview Cabin Collection a Greenlight vote. It’s not often that you get to laugh AND see people get disemboweled, after all.

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