The Impossible is Happening in Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly

Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly is, at its core, an adventure game, but it’s a bit more complicated than that. Not only will players be able to play a never-ending supply of point-and-click adventures, they’ll be able to design and publish their own, as well. Developer Pigasus Games has created a platform that allows players to build their own adventure without the need to program; just point, click, drag, drop, and rotate the components to create a level.

Adventurezator bears

The game does feature a single-player campaign that’s focused around the adventures of Edmund, a human-turned-pigman that is trying to become human again with the help of his gnome sidekick Zookwinkle. Players will face many challenges in this tale of courage, betrayal, intrigue, and idiocy. They will also get the chance to re-write history while they’re at it, whether it’s meeting Isaac Newton, the Seven Dwarfs, or even the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who. Player actions will decide the fate of many, with several different endings.

Adventurezator shot

As stated above, the game gives players the ability to create their own adventures and share them with the community. Players can also create their own characters, cutscenes, levels, and campaigns. Pigasus has promised even more content post-launch. This, along with the community-created content, will potentially provide players with hours of gameplay.

Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly will launch on September 17th for $19.99 USD on Steam for Windows PC, Linux, and Mac. To learn more about the game and its developer visit the official website, check out the Steam page, and like on Facebook.

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