The Human League: ‘Boom Brigade 2’ Arrives On iOS

Harvesting alien souls has become the gentlemanly art du jour, thanks to the release of Boom Brigade 2 on iOS devices.

Combining the genres of real-time strategy and tower defense, Boom Brigade 2 follows in its predecessor’s footsteps by offering an unabated focus on micromanagement and team-based warfare on the go. Alongside a 30-mission strong single-player campaign is a raft of complementary game modes, including survival skirmishes and a spate of hectic “Medical Emergency” romps to satiate one’s fix for high-pressure rescue missions whilst on the train or potting the brown.


On the maiming menu are hordes of malicious extraterrestrials who probably looked at you funny, hence the outbreak of a full-scale military onslaught. Gratifyingly, aiding one’s struggle against said aliens is an arsenal of barnstorming weaponry, least of all a gosh-darn minigun. Furthermore, each playable character may reap the benefits of up to five unlockable upgrades, ensuring that all budding war-mongerers are ready to pre-heat their ovens to death.

Boom Brigade 2 will retail for $4.99/€3.99, although a temporary price discount, which will run until the end of today, has brought the admission fee down by 25%. It’s available for purchase through the App Store, whilst more information on the game can be found on its official website.