‘The Gallery: Six Elements’ Bringing You A Whole New Level Of Immersion

The Gallery

Inspired by the great Myst titles of yesteryear The Gallery: Six Elements (The Gallery) takes you on a journey into an unknown world beneath the city as you enter into unreal worlds within this hidden, mystical gallery.

The Gallery takes you through six painted worlds, each unique and somewhat unworldly as you aim to locate the keys hidden within these worlds. The Gallery is being developed by CloudHead Games who want to bring back the Myst style gameplay into the modern era.

CloudHead Games aim to put a heavy influence on the world and its design with the aim to completely immerse the player in this unreal and beautiful world. In line with this idea CloudHead Games are developing the game for the Oculus Rift as they believe it will add a great deal of immersion to the experience.

The Oculus Rift really allows developers to engage the audience in new and spectacular ways by creating this complete 3D environment like no other. This will add a great deal of immersion and spectacle to The Gallery really making this a highly promising Oculus Rift title for the future.

The Gallery will have randomized environments and path-finding to better create a feeling of the unknown as you explore these vast intricate worlds, whilst adding a great deal of replay value to the game in the process.

From the sounds of things CloudHead Games have a very good idea of what they are trying to achieve with The Gallery and creating a game that brings back the Myst ideas is always great news in my opinion.

CloudHead Games are currently running a Kickstarter for The Gallery: Six Elements which can be found here. Be sure to head over to the Kickstarter to find out more about the game and if you like what you see consider helping them make this a reality. If you would like to the The Gallery on Steam vote for it now.

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