The Foolish Brave Comes to Kickstarter Seeking Aid

When the Island of Neria begins to rot away, the inhabitants find themselves waist-deep in hardship. With food supplies depleted, the island is becoming uninhabitable. However, in the deepest part of the forest, it seems as though nothing has changed.  The secrets of the plague may or may not be kept in a place tucked away from the rest of the island. But how could this area be the only part of the island untouched by the sickness? Investigating matters is Ozma, a fox demon adventurer, and Ry, a magic swordsman. The story of how these two met can be read here, in a comic book that provides some background to the story).

the foolish brave

The Foolish Brave- To Challenge a God is a side-scrolling action game currently in development, one that just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Going hand-in-hand with the crowdfunding campaign is a Steam Greenlight page. Going back to the roots of a classic genre, The Foolish Brave draws inspiration from the coveted RPG era of the early to mid 90s, when titles like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger made waves globally,¬†branding themselves on the hearts of RPG fans for life. But instead of the classic top-down style gameplay, The Foolish Brave adheres to side-scrolling 2D, and with the presence of lush forest environments, one would almost compare the feeling to the original battle system in Kosuke Fujishima’s cult classic Tales of Phantasia.

To further coincide with the launch of its Kickstarter, a demo of the game is now available. To get the latest updates on The Foolish Brave, solo developer Tristan Barona can also be found on tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook for more updates!

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